[Dwarven Survival] Class Unlock and Upgrade Guide

Dwarven Survival Class Guide:

  • This is the master guide to all the classes available in Dwarven Survival.
  • This will go over the unlock cost, ability description, upgrades, and tips for each class.
  • There are 17 unique classes at release, with more being added.
  • This guide will also be updated when a class is changed or new ones are added.


Unlock: Free
Full Upgrade: 9200
Prestige: 1000

  • Dwarven heal:
    • Tier 1: Heals you for 7 hearts at the cost of some hunger
    • Tier 2: Increases healing to 7 hearts
    • Tier 3: Decreases food cost
  • Block Phase:
    • Tier 1: Allows you to phase through most types of stone blocks
    • Tier 2: Phase now works through natural blocks like dirt, grass, leaves, etc.
    • Tier 3: Phase works on most blocks in the Nether & End
  • Summon Food:
    • Tier 1: Places a cake in-front of you
    • Tier 2: Now summons apples for you
    • Tier 3: Ability now instantly fills up your hunger
  • PROC:
    • Tier 1: Grants you Strength III for 4 seconds
    • Tier 2: Now grants Strength V
    • Tier 3: Your strength can now chain off of player & monster kills

Dwarf is the starting class and doesn’t have as many flashy and impressive abilities as other classes. However, Dwarf’s ability to heal, teleport through walls, summon food, and give themselves strength makes them incredibly good at surviving and withstanding long fights. It’s one of the best classes for users early on.


Unlock: 2000
Full Upgrade: 6000
Prestige: 1500

  • Healing Aura
    • Tier 1: Provides some healing for yourself & nearby teammates
    • Tier 2: Ability also grants Regeneration
    • Tier 3: Increases the range of your ability
  • Rally
    • Tier 1: Grants a speed boost to yourself & and nearby allies
    • Tier 2: Now also grants Jump Boost
    • Tier 3: Increases the duration of these effects
  • Aggro
    • Tier 1: Gives you resistance while causing nearby monsters to target you
    • No Upgrade Available
  • Holy Circle
    • Tier 1: Creates a protective circle around yourself & nearby teammates that pushes enemies away.
    • Tier 2: Circle now cleanses you of debuffs
    • Tier 3: Circle also grants Regeneration and Saturation

Paladin is a powerful support class. Most of their abilities revolve around buffing or protecting their teammates. While their range and damage output is limited, having a Paladin support you during a fight can be the difference between winning and losing.


Unlock: 2000
Full Upgrade: 10000
Prestige: 2000

  • Sweep Attack
    • Tier 1: A short range, frontal are attack
    • Tier 2: Ability now targets all enemies around you
    • Tier 3: Greatly extends the range of the attack
  • Berserker Leap
    • Tier 1: A powerful leap forward
    • Tier 2: Increases the distance of the leap
    • Tier 3: Improves the leap some more & grants a Speed boost
  • Feast [Passive]
    • Tier 1: Gain Regeneration when eating Apples, Baked Potatos, Carrots, or Bread
    • Tier 2: Eating meat now also activates the ability
    • Tier 3: Gain additional Resistance when Feasting.
  • Rampage
    • Tier 1: Grants you a powerful Speed and Strength boost
    • Tier 2: Adds Resistance and Jump Boost to the ability
    • Tier 3: Increases the duration of Rampage

Warrior is one of the best melee classes in survival. Their abilities are simple and easy to use, but are effective and strong.


Unlock: 2000
Full Upgrade: 6800
Prestige: 1000

  • Arrow Barrage
    • Tier 1: Fire 3 explosive arrows
    • Tier 2: Now fires 5 arrows
    • Tier 3: Increases the damage from each arrow
  • Double Jump [Passive]
    • Tier 1: Tap [Crouch] while in the air to Double Jump
    • Tier 2: Increases the strength of your Double Jump
    • Tier 3: Ability can now be used twice
  • Acrobat [Passive]
    • Tier 1: Immune to fall damage, and damage from cactus & magma blocks.
    • No Upgrades Available
  • Escape
    • Tier 1: Makes you Invisible and Invulnerable to damage.
    • Tier 2: Grants a Speed boost during this.
    • Tier 3: Increases the duration of Escape

Rogue is a very easy and simple class to use. They have good ranged attacks and mobility. Their Escape ability allows them to avoid basically any attack or danger. Since they have 2 passive abilities, their spellbook always have the Special selected.


Unlock: 2500
Full Upgrade: 7600
Prestige: 1000

  • Item Throw
    • Tier 1: Quickly throw some items for long range attacks
    • Tier 2: Thrown items have a chance of dealing more damage
    • Tier 3: Sometimes the items will give debuffs to targets
  • Hasty Work
    • Tier 1: grants you Speed & Mining Haste
    • Tier 2: Increases effect duration
    • Tier 3: Increases effect strength
  • Mining Vision
    • Tier 1: Causes nearby stone, dirt, and gravel to be invisible, revealing ores.
    • Tier 2: Grants Night Vision that extends past the ability
    • Tier 3: Increases range & duration of this ability
  • Super Breaker
    • Tier 1: Grants you immense Mining Haste, making most blocks insta-break
    • Tier 2: Increases the duration
    • Tier 3: Grants Speed & Night Vision

Miner is one of the best classes for collecting resources. They are able to give themselves haste and see through blocks, making them one of the most desired classes when first starting.


Unlock: 2500
Full Upgrade: 9200
Prestige: 1500

  • Turret
    • Tier 1: Place down an auto-attacking turret
    • Tier 2: Can now place 2 turrets at a time
    • Tier 3: Greatly extends the targetting range of the turrets
  • Grapple Hook
    • Tier 1: Shoot a grapple hook that pulls you if it hits a block
    • Tier 2: Grapple now negates fall damage
    • Tier 3: Greatly improves the grapple’s power and range
  • Repair
    • Tier 1: Repair all tools in your inventory by 75 durability
    • Tier 2: Can now repair tools & armor by 130 durability
    • Tier 3: Now repairs at 300 durability
  • EMP
    • Tier 1: Launches an EMP that detonates after a charge, damaging targets and disabling player spells.
    • Tier 2: EMP can be thrown farther and has less charge time
    • Tier 3: EMP’s detonation reaches farther and is stronger

Engineer is a very versatile class. Turrets automatically attack targets, leaving you free to attend elsewhere. Their movement can be very powerful if used correctly, and their EMP’s ability to disable spells can be devastating for enemy players.


Unlock: 2000
Full Upgrade: 8400
Prestige: 1000

  • Potion Toss
    • Tier 1: Throw 3 harming potions
    • Tier 2: Throw 4 potions, 1 of which has a chance of giving debuffs
    • Tier 3: Throw 6 potions, 2 of which has a hance of giving debuffs
  • Bubbly Brew
    • Tier 1: Grants Levitation and Slow Falling
    • Tier 2: Increases effect duration
    • Tier 3: Levitation is stronger and you get launched when activated
  • Transmute
    • Tier 1: Allows you to combine 2 items into different resources
    • Tier 2: Adds rare and special items to the Transmute table
    • Tier 3: Adds combat-related items
  • Master Potion
    • Tier 1: Place down a lingering potion that Levitates and Withers nearby targets
    • Tier 2: Potion can now be thrown
    • Tier 3: Effects will now also prevent targets from casting spells

*Alchemist’s combat and special abilities allow them to easily deal with large crowds of enemies. Their movement becomes incredibly powerful once upgraded, and the ability to Transmute items makes them very capable in resource collection and money making. *


Unlock: 3000
Full Upgrade: 8800
Prestige: 1500

  • Arcane Beam
    • Tier 1: Long range magic beam that pierces targets
    • Tier 2: Increases the range and damage
    • Tier 3: For each target hit, the beam can hit 2 more targets
  • Magic Pearl
    • Tier 1: Launch an enderpearl that deals no damage to you when landing
    • Tier 2: Increases the throw distance
    • Tier 3: Pearl now grants Regeneration when landing
  • Enchant
    • Tier 1: Give basic enchantments to items
    • Tier 2: Increases basic enchantment levels and adds additional types
    • Tier 3: Increases levels again and adds “treasure” enchants
  • Mana Manipulation
    • Tier 1: Grants 50 mana to yourself & nearby allies
    • Tier 2: Adds an additional mana regeneration boost
    • Tier 3: Drains health and mana from nearby enemies

Mage is a powerful long range class capable of traveling long distances with their Magic pearl ability. While they cannot heal, they are a powerful support class. They can gain high-level enchantments on items easily, and their Mana Manipulation lets nearby teammates use their abilities more often.


Unlock: 3000
Full Upgrade: 8800
Prestige: 1500

  • Undead Minions
    • Tier 1: Summon up to 2 Undead Minions that attack whatever you target
    • Tier 2: Summon up to 4 minions now
    • Tier 3: Minions have more speed & health, and deal more damage against mobs
  • Dead Bridge
    • Tier 1: Creates a short, wide path of blocks infront of you
    • Tier 2: Removes the Mana cost
    • Tier 3: Makes the path wider and longer
  • Monster Harvest
    • Tier 1: Lets you harvest most Overworld mobs, dropping Monster Essense
    • Tier 2: Can now target Special monsters & Pillagers
    • Tier 3: Can now target Nether monsters
    • Monster Essense: You can convert monster essense into different types of Monster item drops
  • Raid
    • Tier 1: Summons 3 strong vindicator minions
    • Tier 2: Adds 2 more vindicators to your Raid
    • Tier 3: Adds a Ravager

Necromancer specializes in summoning minions in order to overwhelm the target. While minions may not be smart, they are strong, and will target any enemy you attack or attacks you. Dead Bridge allows Necromancers to move their minions across hazards.


Unlock: 3000
Full Upgrade: 5200
Prestige: 2000

  • Creeper Explode
    • Tier 1: Morph into a creeper and explode after 2.5 seconds.
    • Tier 2: Decreases the detonation time
    • Tier 3: Increases the explosion damage and radius
  • Phantom Flight
    • Tier 1: Transform into a phantom, granting you temporary gliding-flight
    • Tier 2: Increases the duration
    • Tier 3: Increases the speed and grants you Regeneration
  • Disguise
    • Tier 1: Choose from different mob disguises, each one granting you a 30 second buff.
    • No Upgrades Available
  • Iron Golem
    • Tier 1: Transform into an Iron Golem, greatly increasing your defenses and strength
    • Tier 2: You can Golem Punch targets to knock them into the air
    • Tier 3: You can now throw anvils as a golem for ranged, explosive attacks

Shapeshifter is a very versatile and unpredictable class. Their disguise ability allows you to combine different buffs for a unique playstyle. They have excellent damage output, mobility, and survivability.


Unlock: 2000
Full Upgrade: 8400
Prestige: 1000

  • Wolf Pack
    • Tier 1: Summon 3 wolf minions
    • Tier 2: Wolves last longer and deal more damage against monsters
    • Tier 3: Now summons 5 wolves
  • Root bridge
    • Tier 1: Creates an arcing root bridge to cross
    • Tier 2: Increases the distance the bridge can span
    • Tier 3: Reduces the mana cost and cooldown
  • Life Force
    • Tier 1: A spell that grows nearby crops
    • Tier 2: Ability now heals nearby animals and allies
    • Tier 3: Increases the strength of this ability
  • Animal Companion
    • Tier 1: Grants a random animal companion to yourself & nearby teammates. Each companion has its own unique ability
    • Tier 2: Increases the duration of the animal minions
    • Tier 3: Now grants 2 minions to yourself & nearby teammates

Druid is a nature class that uses minions, similar to Necromancer. Wolf Pack can easily overwhelm targets, and Root Bridge provides incredible mobility once fully upgraded. Life Force only grants low regen, but can be used constantly.


Unlock: 2500
Full Upgrade: 6800
Prestige: 2000

  • Shadowstep
    • Tier 1: You can teleport behind a target up to 25 blocks away
    • Tier 2: Increases range to 50 blocks and grants you Speed II
    • Tier 3: Upon teleporting, deal 4 true damage to all nearby targets
  • Blink
    • Tier 1: Instantly teleport up to 20 blocks away
    • Tier 2: Increases range to 40 blocks
    • Tier 3: Removes the cooldown
  • Enderchest
    • Tier 1: Allows you to access an enderchest anywhere
    • No Upgrades Available
  • Black Hole
    • Tier 1: Place down a black hole that pulls in all nearby enemies
    • Tier 2: Increases the radius the black hole can reach
    • Tier 3: Grealty increases the pulling force

Voidwalker is a fast-paced class meant for quick, blindsides attacks. While its damage output is lower compared to other’s its ability to quickly teleport and move around makes up for that. Being able to access an enderchest anywhere also has its benefits.


Unlock: 3500
Full Upgrade: 9200
Prestige: 2000

  • Reach Hacks
    • Tier 1: A barrage of punches that can hit targets up to 20 blocks away
    • Tier 2: Increases range to 40 blocks
    • Tier 3: Doubles the amount of punches
  • Bhop
    • Tier 1: A fast sprint-jumping hack
    • Tier 2: Ability now triggers 4 times in a row when used
    • Tier 3: Bhop will continue running while you hold [Crouch]
  • Spawn Eggs
    • Tier 1: You can capture any animal (except for pets) and store them in spawn eggs.
    • Tier 2: Can now target all overworld monsters except pillagers
    • Tier 3: Works on pillagers and nether mobs.
    • Note: Does not work on bosses, pets, Ravagers, Elder Guardian, or Piglin Brutes
  • TNT Cannon
    • Tier 1: Launch 3 TNT blocks that explode on impact
    • Tier 2: Launches 5 TNT blocks
    • Tier 3: Carpet bombs with 3 rows of tnt

Griefer is an oddball class that doesn’t exactly fit in a single category. Using Bhop makes you incredibly difficult to hit or follow, and Reach Hacks allow you to safely damage enemies from a distance. Spawn Eggs can be used to collect animals or resources, or to spawn monsters onto your enemies.


Unlock: 3500
Full Upgrade: 9600
Prestige: 1500

  • Ground Slam
    • Tier 1: Slam the ground, damaging nearby enemies
    • Tier 2: Increases the radius and strength of this ability
    • Tier 3: Greatly increases the radius again as well as the launch force
  • Earth Pillar
    • Tier 1: Create a rising chunk of stone below you that launches you into the air
    • Tier 2: Increases the strength of the launch
    • Tier 3: The pillar’s height increases, carrying you all the way up
  • Crush
    • Tier 1: Instantly breaks and drops all stone, dirt, and grass
    • Tier 2: Works on Ores and Obsidian
    • Tier 3: Works on Nether blocks like basalt, blackstone, debris, etc
  • Tremor
    • Tier 1: Create a rising wave of stone blocks that damage anything in its path
    • Tier 2: You can now control the Tremor’s direction
    • Tier 3: Tremor now goes farther and lasts longer

Golem is an earth-type class that uses large, bulky abilities. Earth Pillar and Tremor can both be used offensively to damage or chase opponents, or defensively to block attacks or escape enemies.


Unlock: 2500
Full Upgrade: 5200
Prestige: 1000

  • Water Jet
    • Tier 1: Shoots out a water jet that follows its targets, dealing area damage on impact
    • Tier 2: Increases the damage of the jets
    • Tier 3: Increases the splash radius
  • Slippery
    • Tier 1: Grants you Speed and Dolphins Grace
    • Tier 2: Increases the strength of both effects
    • Tier 3: Increases the strength again as well as the duration
  • Conduit [Passive]
    • Tier 1: You have permanent conduit effect. This grants Haste, Night Vision, and Water Breathing
    • No Upgrade Available
  • Tsunami
    • Tier 1: Creates an expanding ring of water that damages nearby enemies
    • Tier 2: Increases the size and damage
    • Tier 3: Increases the side and Tsunami speed

Aquatic is a unique class capable of permanently living underwater thanks to it’s passive Utility ability. Its unmatched in speed and durability when fighting in the water, but is also capable of holding its own on land.


Unlock: 3500
Full Upgrade: 7200
Prestige: 1000

  • Tornado
    • Tier 1: Creates a small tornado that damages all enemies that get close
    • Tier 2: Reduces the ability cooldown, allowing for multiple tornados at once
    • Tier 3: Extends the range it can be placed, and the Tornado duration
  • Flight
    • Tier 1: You can fly similar to creative mode, but at a much slower speed
    • No Upgrades Available
  • Ghost Form
    • Tier 1: Enter a special ghost form that makes you transparent and cannot be seen by monsters
    • Tier 2: Increases the duration
    • Tier 3: While in this state, you are immune to all damage except melee attacks and player spells.
  • Cyclone
    • Tier 1: Create a giant cyclone that grabs targets and swings them around in the air
    • Tier 2: Increases the height of the cyclone
    • Tier 3: Reduces the mana cost

Specter is a wind-type class that can control large areas thanks to its Tornados and Cyclones. Its Flight and Ghost Form offer unique movement and playstyles


Unlock: 3000
Full Upgrade: 8400
Prestige: 2000

  • Flame Vortex
    • Tier 1: Shoot a long range flame vortex that damages and burns anything in its path
    • Tier 2: Increases the vortex size and range
    • Tier 3: Vortex now pushes back targets and burns them for longer
  • Combust
    • Tier 1: Create a small explosion that launches you in the direction you’re looking
    • Tier 2: Causes you to combust twice
    • Tier 3: Second combust is now more controllable and effective
  • Ember Soul [Passive]
    • Tier 1: When you drop below 6 hearts, gain a temporary health and regeneration boost
    • Tier 2: Ember soul now triggers when below 10 hearts
    • Tier 3: Increases the strength of these effects
    • Bonus: Infernos are immune to fire damage
  • Scorched Air
    • Tier 1: Burn the air around you, damaging, blinding, and slowing nearby enemies
    • Tier 2: Increases the scorching radius
    • Tier 3: Decreases your own slowness and increases debuff duration

Inferno is a powerful fire-class that does well in close and medium range combat. Being able to constantly burn targets can put them at a disadvantage, and Ember Soul will automatically activate when you get low, saving you during fights.

Content Classes

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