[Dwarven Survival] Classes Guide


Dwarven Survival features a unique class system that users can unlock, upgrade, and prestige using in-game coins.

Class Menu:

  • Users can access the class menu by using the command /class
  • The menu will display all the classes available. Any class shown as red has not been unlocked yet. You can select any unlocked class to equip it, or select a locked class to buy it (if you have enough coins)
  • You can select the Diamond on the bottom to access your Upgrade Menu, or click the book to get that classes’ spellbook.

Upgrade Menu

  • Once you click the diamond, you’ll be shown an upgrade menu. Below is an example of what an upgrade menu may look like.

  • The [Iron Sword] is your Combat Ability

  • The [Golden Boots] is your Movement Ability

  • The [Anvil] is your Utility Ability

  • The [Diamond] is your Special Ability

Each column represents the upgrades for one of your 4 abilities. When you unlock a class, each ability starts at Tier 1. You can upgrade some abilities to Tier 2, then Tier 3. Some things to note from the example picture above:

  • The Combat ability has been Upgraded to Tier 2. However the user can still upgrade to Tier 3.
  • The Movement Ability has not been upgraded yet, it is still at Tier 1.
  • The Utility Ability does not have any upgrade options. Some classes have abilities that do not require upgrades, and are labeled as No Upgrades Available.
  • The Special Ability has been fully upgraded to Tier 3. Nothing else needs to be done for it.

The black blocks are just a border to show where the upgrades end. The [Sign] just brings you back to the Class Menu. The Red block on the bottom is for Prestige


You can Prestige a class once you have upgraded all the abilities. This grants you additional, permanent health whenever you are playing this class. However, it also resets your upgrades. You can only Prestige once for each class.


Using Abilities

Abilities have different methods of activation:

Combat Abilities:

  • All combat abilities are casted by holding [Crouch] and [Left Clicking] any sword. This method is universal to all classes
  • Some combat abilities may require you to be looking at, or near a target in order for them to work.
  • Some abilities may want you to be looking at a block/surface within range

Movement, Utility, and Special

  • These 3 abilities are usually casted with your Spellbook. You can summon a spellbook from the class menu.
  • [Right Click] a spellbook to scroll through spells, and [Left Click] to activate the selected spell.

Passive Spells:

  • Some spells are Passive, meaning they are not casted with a sword or spellbook.
  • Some passive spells will always be active, or activate automatically, while others require a unique activation.
  • Passive spells will describe how their are activated in the Upgrade Menu.
    • Some common Passive activations are taking damage, crouching, eating food, etc.


Most spells require Mana in order to be casted.

  • Your mana is displayed on your scoreboard.
  • Mana is consumed when casting certain abilities. If you don’t have enough mana, the spell won’t activate and it will alert you in chat.
  • Mana will automatically regenerate at 2 per second (Unless altered by abilities).
  • You can purchase Runestones from the Scavenger at spawn. These are special items that can give you mana when used.

Allies and Enemies

Spells will interact with players differently depending on their faction relation to you

  • If a player is in your Faction, Allied, Truced, or inside of a special region (Spawn, End Island) they are considered Friendly.
  • If a player is Neutral, not in a faction, Enemies, or outside a special region (Wilderness) they are considered Enemy.

Spells that heal, give buffs, support teammates, etc will not target Enemies (Unless you are in a special region). This means you can use your spells during combat without worrying about accidently helping the enemy.

Players vs Monsters

Combat and Special abilities that damage enemies deal much more damage against monsters than they do to players (on most occassions). This is to keep the game fair and enjoyable to all players, without you suffering when fighting against Monsters.

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