[Dwarven Survival] Coins, Quests, and Misc

This guide goes over all the extra mechanics and content in Dwarven Survival


Coins are the in-game currency used in Dwarven Survival. Coins can be used to:

  • Unlock Classes
  • Upgrade and Prestige Classes
  • Purchase items from the Scavenger
  • Needed to create a faction
  • Can be used to trade with players

There are several methods to earn coins:

  • Killing monsters (Most effective)
  • Quests (Passive income)
  • Selling items to the Scavenger (Can be profitable once you have lots of gear)
  • Getting coins from other players

Your Coins are displayed on the Scoreboard, but can also be viewed with /bal.
When you die, you drop 5-10% of your current coins.


Visit Reginald the Llama at spawn to receive a quest from him. You’ll be given a quest randomly selected from a pool of choices. When you have a quest equipped, it will appear on the Scoreboard.
Commands useful for Quests:

  • /quest: Shows info and progress for your current quest
  • /quests quit (Quest Name): Allows you to quit your current quest

Quests can only be done every 20 minutes. Most Quests are “Passive”, meaning they can be completed just by playing the game (Killing monsters, smelting items, etc). Your Quest will automatically complete once all the requirements are met, and if your cooldown is finished you can start another one.


The Scavenger is Dwarven Survival’s Shopkeeper. He runs the buy and sell shop. Every few hours, the Scavenger goes out and collects random items to sell.

This means that the Scavenger’s stock of items is always changing. Items have different rarities and prices, sometimes there will be very rare and expensive items available for purchase. The Scavenger will announce in chat when he has collected new items.

You can also Sell items to the Scavenger. Click the Emerald in the Scavenger Menu to select Sell. From there, you can view all the different items he will buy from you, then proceed to the next menu to start selling.


You can trade with a player using /trade (player). Trading allows you to easily trade items and coins with another player.

  • The Left side box represents your items, and the Right Side is the other player’s items.
  • The Paper is the Coins being traded
  • The XP Bottle is the amount of XP levels you want to trade
  • The Barrier at the bottom is to cancel the trade.

Game Rules

  • World Border is 12000x12000 at the beginning, it may be expanded in the future.
  • Mob Griefing and Fire Spread are disabled
  • Keep Inventory is enabled in the End ONLY
  • Bed Explosions do not work in the Nether & End
  • The Nether Ceiling is disabled
  • While Redstone is enabled, clocks that go too fast will automatically be disabled.
  • Mob Spawning & Breeding is limited in order to reduce lag for players and the server.