[Dwarven Survival] Custom Monsters

Custom Monsters

Throughout the world of Dwarven Survival, custom monsters may spawn in place of vanilla ones. These monsters may have names, unique attributes, special abilities, and more!

New Custom Monsters may be added in the future, and this page will be updated if so.

Below is a guide to all the different types of Custom Monsters


Most Custom Monsters spawn normally, the same method that vanilla monsters do. You may find them while exploring, mining, or even building at your base. However, some monsters have certain spawn conditions

  • Some monsters can spawn above or below ground
  • Some can only spawn on the surface, while others are only found underground in caves
  • Certain monsters spawn in certain biomes (For example, Husks spawn in the Desert)

Monster Types

There are a few different types of monsters that will spawn throughout the world:

  • Packs
  • Brutes
  • Special
  • Bosses
  • Dargon


Packs are monsters that spawn in groups, rather than by themselves. Pack monsters are slightly weaker than their vanilla counterparts, but make up for it in numbers. While one or two packs may not be much, sometimes you can have multiple packs attacking you at once, meaning you may need to use a Special ability or even retreat.

Monsters that can spawn in Packs:

  • Zombie
  • Husk
  • Spider
  • Enderman
  • Piglin
  • Zombiefied Piglin
  • Blaze
  • Slime
  • Magma Cube


Brutes are stronger versions of vanilla monsters. They have more health, deal more damage, and have some knockback resistance. Brutes can be identified by their custom nametags when you get close to them.

  • Zombie
  • Husk
  • Spider
  • Piglin
  • Zombified Piglin
  • Enderman
  • Drowned
  • Slime
  • Magma Cube
  • Polar Bear


Special monsters are mobs that have unique abilities or attributes.

  • Infestation: They spawn underground, and multiply when you kill them. If not managed properly, they can quickly overwhelm you.
  • Doppleganger: A monster that transforms into a duplicate of the attacker. They are very fast, deal good damage, and are quite spooky.
  • Wild Ravager: A lone ravager walking through the wilderness by itself. While much weaker than vanilla Ravagers, they can become quite the problem when one suddenly spawns behind you. These only spawn above ground
  • Contagion: A zombie villager that gives wither to any player that gets too close. You may want to take these out from a distance. These only spawn above ground
  • Insta-Creeper: A charged creeper that instantly blows up when you get too close. Similar to a Contagion, killing these from a distance is the best method.


Bosses are very strong monsters that have a very rare chance of spawning on you while playing survival. When they spawn, a sound plays and a message is sent to all nearby players.

  • Brood Mother: A fast, powerful spider that has a chance of spawning Cave Spider minions when damaged. While these are relatively weak, the Brood Mother can easily end up spawning large groups of these, overwhelming their attackers.

  • Council Of Slimes: Three large Slimes may suddenly spawn near you. They are very fast, durable, and deal moderate damage.

  • Ancient Pigman: A relic from DvZ, the Ancient Pigman only spawns in the nether, and will open a monster portal twice. This allows large groups of Zombies and Husks to spawn on the Pigman.

  • Wraith Pack: A large group of giant Phantoms may suddenly spawn on you. While they are bulky and easy to hit, they are very fast and deal HEAVY damage. If caught in the open, this Wraith Pack can easily devour you in a matter of seconds.


In The End, the Enderdragon (named Dargon), has a wide range of unique attacks and phases. He acts as the final boss in Dwarven Survival. Unlike his vanilla counterpart, Dargon likely requires multiple, fully upgraded players in order to be defeated.

The End can only be accessed from the spawn. Portals randomly generated in Strongholds will not work.

Dargon’s Phases

  • Flight: These are abilities that only activate while he is flying

    • Fireballs: Dargon shoots a constant barrage of strong Fireballs, which can easily overwhelm and kill most players
    • Magic Beams: Fast, long range magic beams that deal strong area damage on impact. These beams can easily kill a player not at full health.
    • Roar: A powerful roar that makes the ground and air shake, constantly throwing players into the air. While its initial damage is low, the ability affects all players on the island and can kill players due to fall damage.
    • Minions: Dargon causes all nearby Enderman to attack the players on the ground. Suddenly being swarmed by a horde of Enderman usually doesn’t end well for players.
    • Flame: Dargon shoots out player-seeking flame missiles that damage, burn, and clear potion effects from the targets it hits.
    • Regeneration Dargon slowly regenerates his health while flying around.
  • Perch: These abilities only activate while Dargon is perched on the end portal.

    • Smite: Dargon shoots powerful lightning bolts at any nearby player. This is the only attack that cannot target players across the entire End Island.
    • Orbit: An orbit surrounds Dargon, violently throwing back players that get too close. If you happen to get through the orbit, you will slowly be dragged out.
    • Void During this phase, players are given Blindness every few seconds, and powerful beams will drop from above them. Players need to keep running in order to avoid these attacks.
    • Heal Dargon heals in large quantities of health. His healing will overtake most melee attack damage unless you have a large group attacking him.
  • Player Kill and Combat Drop

    • Dargon gets some health back whenever he kills a player
    • If all the players currently fighting Dargon leave the End Island or are killed, he gets his health completely refilled

Tips for fighting Dargon:

  • Teamwork is key. Select classes that can support each other and fill roles
  • Don’t group up! Dargon’s abilities have different targeting methods
    • Some abilities target only 1-2 players at a time, meaning your team can spread the damage
    • Some abilities target everyone, meaning if you are too close to others, you take damage from Dargon’s attacks multiple times
  • Some abilities ignore armor, make sure to bring plenty of healing!
  • Dargon can be respawned the same as the Ender Dragon
  • Bed explosions dont work :slight_smile:
  • You do not lose your items or faction power when dieing in the end, don’t be afraid to try!

Dargon Rewards:
When Dargon dies, all players on the End Island receive 3000 Coins! You MUST be on the island when Dargon dies in order to receive the rewards.