[Dwarven Survival] Factions Guide


Factions is a system that allows you to create a “group” that lets you team up with other players. With a faction, you are able to claim land, deny PvP between teammates & allies, and fight against other factions.

Factions is an integral part of Dwarven Survival. The following explains everything about this system.

Benefits of a Faction

Factions allow you to do many things:

  • Name your faction: Appears on your member’s names in chat
  • Claim Land: This protects your land from Griefers and Raiders
  • Set Roles: You can promote or demote members
  • Faction Relation: You can set relations between other factions, create alliances and enemies!

Faction Commands

In order to create a faction, you need 100 Coins. Below are commands you may use while in a faction.

Creating and Managing a Faction

  • /f create (name): Creates your own Faction. Names must be appropriate, shorter than 12 characters, and only contain Numbers & Letters
  • /f desc (description): Sets a description for your faction
  • /f disband: Disbands your faction. This will delete the faction, unclaim all land, and leave all members without a faction
  • /f invite (player): Invites a player to join your faction
  • /f deinvite (player): Removes an invitation you sent
  • /f kick (player): Kicks a member out of your faction
  • /f promote (player): promotes a member
  • /f demote (player): Demotes a player
  • /f who: Shows info about your faction
  • /f who (faction): Shows into about another faction
  • /f leave: Leaves your current faction.

Land Claiming:

  • /f claim: Claims the chunk of land you’re standing on
  • /f unclaim: Unclaims the chunk of land you’re on
  • /f map: Brings up a map that shows nearby chunks & their claims
  • /f home: Teleports to your faction home (automatically set when claiming the first chunk)
  • /f sethome: Sets the faction home where you are standing (must be done inside claimed land)

Faction Power

Faction power is the “strength” of a faction. The more power your faction has, the more land you can claim. 1 Power = 1 Claim. If your faction has more Claims than Power, other Factions can steal your land.

  • You gain power by playing. As you play, you’ll notice your power going up over time.
  • Your Power: How much power you have. This drops whenever you die.
  • Faction Power: The personal power of all faction members combined. This is used to claim and hold land.

Faction Roles

When you create a faction, you automatically become the Leader. Leaders control everything about the faction.

When you first invite someone, they join as a Member. Members can build in your land, access blocks, and warp to the home. If you have members you can trust, you can use /f promote (player) to promote them to Manager.
Managers can:

  • Invite and kick players
  • Claim land
  • Set faction home
  • Set relations with other factions

If you attempt to promote a Manager, it will attempt to make them the Leader of the faction. Do not do this unless you want someone else to lead your Faction

You can also use /f demote (player) to demote a Manager back to a Member.

Faction Relations

You can set a relation with another faction. This controls how you interact with them. The possible relations are:

  • /f neutral (faction): The default relation. Neutrals can attack each other in the wilderness, but CANNOT attack a neutral faction if they are in their Claimed land.
  • /f enemy (faction): This declares a faction as your enemy, allowing both sides to attack each other anywhere (Unless in a safezone like the spawn or End Island)
  • /f ally (faction): This creates an alliance with a faction. It denies PvP between members, and allows the allied faction members to build in your land.
  • /f truce (faction): This denies PvP between factions similar to Ally, but does not let other factions build in your land.

As mentioned before, Allied Factions are able to build inside your land. ONLY ALLY with Factions that you absolutely trust. If you wish to befriend a faction without letting them build, use Truce.

Factions can only hold 5 players, but you can Ally with other factions to expand your territory and members. This method is designed to allow large groups of friends to play together, but prevents a single faction from gaining too much power.


Some places in Dwarven Survival are Safezones. These are locations that deny PvP between players. In these regions, ALL players are treated as friendlies, regardless of Faction relation.

This means while you are inside of a Safezone, your spells will not target players. Additionally, spells that buff or help teammates will also help non-friendly players.

Currently there are only 2 Regions that are Safezones:

  • The Spawn Castle
  • The entire End Island