Monster Class Guide

This guide will help players understand each monsters abilities and how to use them. The game is always changing and we will aim to keep this post updated with the latest features.


The Zombie class is one of the 3 default classes so you can always play this class each time you respawn. As one of the most common classes it's also one of the most feature rich, as a zombie you can easily destroy defence, call a horde of zombies to back you up and resurrect when you die. Zombies are the only class which always have a map in their kit, this map allows them to teleport to the gate that zombie pigmen class can open.

Zombe_sword Zombies main weapon is an iron sword. Kills with this sword give the player a chance to gain dragon strength. Dragon strength is a high level strength potion which lasts for 3 seconds.

tripwire_hook Hammer, zombies can break blocks using a hammer. You have a chance of instant mining a block each time you click a block while holding the hammer. As you level up the zombie class your chance increases.

MapNew Teleport, When a zombie pigman opens a gate, monsters with a map can teleport to the gate and put overwhelm the dwarves defence. Listen out for lightning that sounds when a pigman opens a gate.

383-54 Call the horde! This bonus item is sometimes included in your zombie kit. This one time use item will summon 3 zombies nearby to help you battle the dwarves.

rotten_flesh Rotten flesh, another bonus item, when consumed by a zombie they gain a short healing, movement and strength buff.


The Skeleton class is one of the 3 default classes so you can play this class each time you respawn. A bow is the skeletons main weapon, during events like blood moon, monsters gain a strength buff, the skeletons arrows do extra damage during a blood moon. One of the most important task of the skeleton class is to use the ladders they get to overcome obstacles and defence.

bow Skeletons main weapon is the bow, when fully charged arrows will damage most dwarves for 2.5 hearts. During a blood moon event this damage increases to 4 hearts. Each time the skeleton shoots a fully charged bow there is a chance more than one arrow will be shot. This chance increases as you level up the skeleton class, each time your arrows hit a dwarf you

ladder Ladders, skeletons can help the team overcome obstacles and defence by creating paths over them.